Gang Team

Benton County Sheriff's Office

Gang Team

Mission Statement

The Benton County Sheriff's Office recognizes the negative and harmful influence that violent street gangs have on the quality of life in our community.  The department also recognizes that violent gang crimes and activities are a social phenomenon that requires a coordinated response between our deputies, our citizens, and the combined resources of Benton County.

The Gang Team will work in a collaborative fashion with other law enforcement related agencies such as probation, parole, prosecution, schools, task forces, and community resources to find effective solutions to the gang problem.

The Gang Team will fulfill this mission by identifying problems with timely and accurate information, developing a timely and effective response, and relentless follow-up.

  • Identify criminal street gang members and associates.

  • Apprehend and successfully prosecute criminal street gang members and associates committing violations of the law.

  • Provide gang awareness presentations as needed to community organizations, schools, and other agencies/neighborhoods that come in contact with criminal street gang members and associates.

If you would like to report any gang related criminal activity or wish to request a gang awareness presentation, please contact the Gang Team supervisor via email at the link below:

Contact: Sergeant Horacio Gonzalez


    Benton County    620 Market Street    Prosser, Washington 99350
    Phone: (509) 786-5710 or (509) 783-1310
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