Board Assignments
Per Resolution 2020-144, the 2020 Organization of Benton County was approved and effective by the Board of Commissioners on February 25, 2020.

Position/Board  Member
Chairman of the Board James Beaver
Chairman Pro-Tem Jerome Delvin
County Administrator Jerrod MacPherson
Clerk of the Board Cami McKenzie
Marilu Flores, Alt.
Benton County Engineer Douglas D'Hondt, PE
Benton County Pest Board Superintendent Frank Wolf
Benton County WSU Extension Director Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel
Accessible Communities Advisory Committee Brenda Chilton
Shyanne Palmus

Bi-Pin Jerrod MacPherson
Jerry Hatcher, Alt.

B-F Regional Revolving Loan Fund Board James Beaver
Jerome Delvin, Alt.
Ben Franklin Transit Board Shon Small
James Beaver, Alt.
Benton City Capital Facilities Area Library Board Jerome Delvin
Shon Small
James Beaver
Benton Clean Air Authority James Beaver
Jerome Delvin, Alt.
Benton County Emergency Services Board Jerome Delvin
Jerrod MacPherson, Alt.
Benton County Finance Committee James Beaver
Benton County Historical Preservation Committee Shyanne Faulconer
Benton County LEOFF Disability Board Shon Small
Benton-Franklin Council of Governments James Beaver
Shon Small, Alt.
Benton-Franklin Law Library Board Jerome Delvin
Bi-County Health Board Shon Small
James Beaver
Jerome Delvin
Consolidated Juvenile Services Board Shon Small
Columbia Regional Economic Development Trust James Beaver
Energy Communities Alliance Jerome Delvin
Adam Fyall, Alt.
Greater Columbia Behavioral Health (RSN) Shon Small
Kyle Sullivan, Alt.
Hanford Advisory Board Bob Suyama
Larry Lockrem, Alt.
Hanford Area Economic
Investment Fund Committee
James Beaver
Hanford Communities Governing Board - Jerome Delvin
Administrative Board - Adam Fyall
Homeless Housing Kyle Sullivan
Human Services Administrator Kyle Sullivan
Metro Shon Small
Jerrod MacPherson, Alt.
National Association of Counties (NaCo) Jerome Delvin
Park Board Adam Fyall            
Prosser Economic Development Association Shon Small (ex-officio)
Solid Waste Advisory Committee Shon Small
Blanca Parham, Alt.
Tri-Cities Rivershore Enhancement Committee Adam Fyall
Shyanne Faulconer
Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce  James Beaver (ex-officio)
Tri-City Visitor & Convention Bureau James Beaver
Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation Jerome Delvin
James Beaver, Alt.
TRIDEC James Beaver
Jerome Delvin, Alt.
Washington Counties Insurance Fund Jerome Delvin
Lexi Wingfield, Alt.
Washington State Association of Counties
Legislative Steering Committee &
Columbia River Caucus
Jerome Delvin
Washington State Association of Counties
 Board of Directors
James Beaver
West Richland Area Chamber of Commerce Jerome Delvin
Workforce Development Council James Beaver
Shon Small, Alt.
Yakima Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board Jerome Delvin
Adam Fyall, Alt.
Yakima Basin Integrated Plan Jerome Delvin
Adam Fyall, Alt.

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