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Information and Resources

Benton County Coroner’s Office


Purpose of this online Booklet

The death of a family member often raises many questions. The Benton County Coroner’s Office is committed to do as much as we can to help answer your questions in this trying time.


If you have any questions or concerns about the contents of this booklet or the Benton County Coroner’s Office, we welcome your input and invite you to contact us at:


Contact Us:

Benton County Coroner’s Office
7110 W. Okanogan Pl, Building “A”
Kennewick WA 99336
Phone: (509)-736-2720


 Getting Started

Funeral homes will need some vital statistic data and some paperwork for the deceased in order to properly complete the death certificate.


Full Name of Decedent _______________________________

Parent’s Names _____________________________________

Mother’s Maiden Name ______________________________

Social Security Number _______________________________

Decedent Date of Birth _______________________________

Place of Birth _______________________________________

Education Level _____________________________________

Usual Occupation ____________________________________

Marital Status _______________________________________

Name of Spouse _____________________________________

Dependent(s) Name__________________________________

Sibling(s) Name _____________________________________

Military Form DD214_________________________________

Will? Probate? Estate? ________________________________

Making Funeral Arrangements

There are several funeral homes in the area that can be of assistance to you. It is possible that the deceased has wishes about how they want the funeral; these wishes may be expressed in their will. It is also possible that they may have a pre-paid funeral arrangement or funeral insurance.


Local Funeral Homes

Amon Mueller’s Chapel of the Falls

                                    314 W 1st Ave, Kennewick WA

Einan’s Funeral Home and Crematorium

                                    915 Bypass Hwy, Richland WA

Hillcrest Memorial Center

                                    9353 W Clearwater, Kennewick WA

Muller’s Tri-Cities Funeral Home

                                    1401 S Union St, Kennewick WA

Prosser Funeral Home

                                   1220 Sheridan Ave, Prosser WA

 Bruce Lee (Hillcrest)

                                    2804 W Lewis St, Pasco WA

Columbia Memorial Chapel and Gardens

                                    224 S 24th Ave, Pasco WA

Mueller’s Green Lee

                                    1608 W Court St, Pasco WA

If the decision is made for cremation, there are several cremation only business available to you as well. An internet search can provide you with options in this area.

If you would like your loved one transported to a funeral home out of the area, you may contact the funeral home of your choice and ask them to contact the Benton County Coroner’s office at 509-736-2720.  


 About Death Certificates

Death certificates are signed by a physician or by the Coroner. The funeral home then registers the death certificate with the Benton-Franklin County Health District. The original is filed with the Department of Vital Statistics in Olympia. Certified copies of the death certificate are usually necessary during the process of settling the estate and are obtained from the funeral home. Certified copies can also be obtained from the County Health Department or the WA Department of Health as follows:


Up to three years following death  
Benton Franklin Health District                                        509-460-4202                       
7102 W. Okanogan Pl.                                                       extension 4704
Kennewick WA 99336                                         

After three years following death                                   
Center for Health Statistics                                                360-263-4313
PO Box 9709                                                                 
Olympia WA 98507-9709

Other Helpful Resources

Depending on the situation, these are some other numbers that may provide help and benefit to you. You may have financial assistance available.

Social Security                                     800-722-1213


On the Job Deaths                              509-735-0100


Death From a Crime                          800-762-3716


Veteran’s Death Benefit                  800-562-2308


Veterans Assistance Office           


Investigations and What to Expect

During the process of a death investigation, many different steps may be taken in order to find answers. This may include asking questions about the decedent’s history and behavior, reviewing medical records, testing for toxicology, or performing an autopsy. If toxicology testing or an autopsy is performed, the next of kin is allowed access to the results upon request. However, receiving these results takes time; results for toxicology testing may take several weeks. Autopsy results may take several months to be completed by the pathologist and returned to our office. If you have questions regarding the process of your loved one’s death investigation, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Law Enforcement Contact Information

Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Kennewick Police Department

Prosser Police Department

Richland Police Department

Washington State Patrol

West Richland Police Department

Organ and Tissue Donation

The gift of organ and tissue donation can benefit as many as 60 people. Organ and tissue donation is a personal family choice for which there is no right or wrong decision. That said, organ and tissue donation is a time sensitive issue. If this is something you wish to do or have questions about, you may contact SightLife for more information at:

206-682-8500 (main)
800-847-5786 (toll free)
[email protected]

Handling Property

At the event of a death, next of kin may be left with the task of disposing of personal property. There are many different organizations that gladly accept a wide variety of donations, including animal shelters, women and homeless shelters, food banks, local libraries, schools, and more.


Landlord Information

Information regarding the tasks and duties of a landlord in the event of a tenant death are outlined in RCW 59.18.595.



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