Real Property
Real property includes land; improvements attached to the land, such as buildings, and improvements to the land, such as driveways and utility services.

Following are typical categories of real property assessments in Benton County.
  • Residential – Properties and lands zoned and/or used for single-family purposes, including duplexes and condominiums.
  • Multifamily - This category includes lands and structures zoned and/or used for residential purposes that have more than two living units.
  • Commercial - These properties are zoned and/or used for commercial purposes, including retail, restaurants, offices, etc.
  • Industrial - Industrial lands are those lands and structures zoned and/or used for industrial purposes, such as manufacturing or fabrication.  
  • Farm - This category covers values for land and improvements to land such as vineyards, orchards, grazing, permanent crops, dairies and hops.
Benton County is an annual County.  This means that property is subject to having its value changed every year.  The County is divided into six parts. Appraisers physically inspect one-sixth of the County every year.  The remaining five-sixths are adjusted to market value based on sales information from the previous year. Every year new construction is picked up through out the entire county.

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