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Due to the County’s response to COVID – 19, the public works office in Prosser will be closed until further notice. However, the Public Services Building in Kennewick that houses Public Works, Planning, and the Building Department is open during our normal business hours with Safety and Social Distancing measures in place. Road Maintenance operations will continue without interruption.



Our Mission: The Benton County Public Works Department strives to provide the highest quality roadway and infrastructure to the public through prudent use of resources, technology, innovation, and teamwork.

Our Vision: Working for the community to establish and maintain an exceptional road and public works infrastructure system through dedicated staff, effective construction, rigorous maintenance, and exemplary service.

Winter Driving Tips

Leave plenty of stopping distance: If traffic unexpectedly comes to a halt and you must brake suddenly, do you have enough room to stop without hitting the car in front of you? Different road surfaces — snow, black ice or hard-packed sanded snow — will give you different stopping distances based on your speed.

Don’t spin your wheels: Winter often brings the ugly sound of tires spinning on ice and snow. This is the worst way to gain traction. Spinning your tires melts the snow and makes the surface even more slippery. Instead, back off the accelerator and give it just enough gas to make the car move forward. If the car still won’t budge, put sand or cardboard under the tires. In most modern cars, the traction control feature cuts power to the drive wheels when they begin to lose traction and spin.

Know your car’s drive type: Is your car front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive? Each of these drive types will handle differently. In a front-wheel drive car there’s less chance of spinning out — going into a 360-degree rotation — than with a rear-wheel-drive car. All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are vastly better for driving in the snow. Most all-wheel-drive cars automatically put power to all four wheels when the tires begin to lose traction. Four-wheel drive is usually activated by a switch or lever on the dashboard.

Understand ABS and stability control features: You’re driving along when red brake lights flare in front of you. You mash the brake pedal, and suddenly your car feels like it’s vibrating. Nothing is wrong with your car. It’s the anti-lock braking system, which allows you to continue to steer even though you’re braking as quickly as possible. If your car has ABS, you no longer need to pump the brakes, as was recommended in the past. The ABS does this for you and does it faster than you could. Stability control, federally mandated in all vehicles in 2013, works with the ABS to keep the car traveling in the direction you have turned the steering wheel. This computerized system automatically detects when the wheels are losing traction and adjusts by braking the individual wheels to keep you going in the right direction.

Check your tread: Your tires are crucial for proper traction and being able to stop in snow and ice. Tires come in three main types: summer, all-season and winter. If your tread is worn — less than 2/32 inch, or not past the top of Lincoln’s head when you insert a penny upside down — don’t delay buying new tires. Read reviews from other cold-weather drivers to help you find the tires that are right for you.

Be prepared for emergencies:  Despite your best planning, there are times when you might just get stuck, or even have an accident. Buy or assemble an emergency kit that includes at least a flashlight, flares, food and water and a blanket. Keep the kit in a bag in the trunk of your car.

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