Fire Safety Inspections
This program involves the periodic inspection of the county's many commercial occupancies and uses.  According to the United States Fire Administration almost 85% of the businesses involved in fire never recover - even if they have insurance to cover their losses.  Regular fire inspections coupled with conscientious fire safety and prevention programs in the work place are very effective at reducing both the incidence and severity of fires when they do occur.  Regular fire inspections also help to reduce the rate we all pay for fire insurance in our homes as well as our businesses.

Fire Safety tips for your business:
  • Be sure that your building address is clearly visible from the street
  • Place combustible waste materials in metal containers with tight fitting lids and remove it from the building daily or as it accumulates.
  • Maintain the aisles leading to exits clear and unobstructed.
  • Periodically check and test exit signs, general exit lighting and emergency lighting to ensure its proper operation.
  • Regularly conduct fire drills involving all of your staff - be sure everyone knows what to do in case of a fire.
  • Back up important data and copies of financial statements and records in a secure place away from the business.  These records are invaluable in case of a fire when you have to recreate financial records.

To report a fire hazard, please contact Clark Posey, Benton County Fire Marshal at (509) 735-3500. 

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