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Drop boxes


Grocery bags

Paper, plastic, and metal are generally the three materials most likely to be recycled. Recycling reduces the volume of consumer goods that are placed in landfills and provides base material for post-consumer production. What you can recycle and where depends greatly on where you live. Please see the FAQs page for more information about the differences in service level between city and county residents. Please see the Contacts page for more information about the waste services provider in your area.

Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are recycling collection bins that are placed in parking lots or other large, open areas for the purpose of self-service, community recycling. A list of locations of drop boxes follows:


  • 1378 Lee Boulevard (up hill from Fran Rish stadium)
  • 1300 block of Jadwin Avenue (corner of Williams Boulevard and Jadwin Avenue)
  • 2411 George Washington Way (near 7-Eleven)
  • Battelle complex (7th Street and W Avenue)
  • 2400 Stevens Drive (near Hanford bus lot)
  • 3120 Twin Bridges Road (Horn Rapids landfill)
  • 103 Keene Road (between fire station and ACE Hardware)
  • 2801 Duportail Street (in Walmart parking lot)


  • 4602 W Clearwater Avenue (Winco parking lot)
  • 2721 W Kennewick Avenue (McDonald's parking lot at corner of SR-395)
  • 7th Avenue and Washington Street
  • 7011 W Canal Drive (Wok King parking lot)
  • 7704 S Bermuda Road (Bermuda fire station)
  • Keene Road and Queensgate Drive

West Richland

  • Bombing Range Road and Mt Adams View Drive (behind the fire station)
  • 3957 W Van Giesen Street (Exxon station)


  • 10th Street and Sherman Avenue (Prosser city shop)
  • 8th Street and Bennett Avenue (Pendleton Grain Growers)

Benton City

  • Home Drive (SR-225), near skate park


In addition to the drop boxes listed above, there are a few facilities that handle general recycling or specialized recycling. These include:

  • Clayton Ward Recycling Center, 1936 Saint Street, Richland, Washington 99354 (509-375-4086)
  • Clayton Ward Recycling Center, 119 E Albany Avenue, Kennewick, Washington 99336
  • Pacific Recycling, 1615 E Chemical Drive, Kennewick, Washington 99337

Metal only

  • Mayflower Metals, 139406 W Johnson Road, Prosser, Washington 99350 (509-778-1664)
    8:30 am through 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday
  • Local Boys Metal Recycling, 510 Wellsian Way, Richland, Washington 99352 (509-308-8251)

Grocery Bags

Most supermarkets have grocery bag recycling programs. Collection bins are usually located at the front of the store or near entrances, often in foyers or breezeways. While no purchase is required to use these receptacles, this placement is convenient for customers who are about to go shopping.


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